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  • ...tion that users are located within the virtual environment. Users of these devices are not only able to experience the computer-simulated environments but als ...ack your hands and rest of your body through various [[Input Devices|input devices]].
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  • ...nted display]] developed by [[Technical Illusions]]. Similar to other [[AR Devices]], castAR projects 3D renderings onto physical surfaces. To create 3D image ...rns the glasses into a [[head-mounted display]] similar to many other [[VR Devices]].
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  • *Unified tracking support for all PS VR and Input devices such as the HMD, [[DualShock 4]], [[Move]] and [[Move Navigation]]. *Multiple devices are tracked in the same coordinate space in any combination.
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  • |Devices=[[Magic Leap One]] ...the traditional stereoscopic 3D technology used in movies and other [[VR]] devices such as [[Oculus Rift]]. Dynamic digitized lightfield signal does not trick
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  • reference 2] - allows developers to create [[Input Devices]] for [[HTC Vive]] with the [[Lighthouse]] [[tracking system]]. ...pabilities-wider-fov-powerful-processor/ reference 2] - Intel's standalone prototype VR HMD.
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  • ...hysical barriers as they experience the virtual content. The first working prototype was introduced at CES 2016 with the announcement of HTC's second Vive devel ...ts and the representation of such objects in virtual reality environments; Devices used for the detection and measurement of physical objects and the represen
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  • ...> Ziegler, E. (2010). Real-time markerless tracking of objects on mobile devices. Bachelor Thesis, University of Koblenz and Landau</ref> ...Mixed Reality Headset]] (Figure 3). [[Oculus]] has announced a markerless prototype called Santa Cruz, and Qualcomm’s 835 reference headset is designed to he
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  • [[File:F2Ak4iE.jpg|thumbnail|Figure 2. Early [[Lighthouse]] prototype, an inside-out tracking system with 2-dimensional barcodes as [[fiducial ma ==Devices using Inside-out tracking==
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  • [[File:F2Ak4iE.jpg|thumbnail|Early [[Lighthouse]] prototype, an [[inside-out tracking]] system with QR codes as [[fiducial markers]].]] ...ucial markers are used for [[positional tracking]] of [[HMD]]s and [[Input Devices]]. Fiducial markers can be utilized in both [[inside-out tracking]] and [[o
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  • ...ontrollers, and two base [[Beacons|laser-tracking stations]]. All of these devices work in tandem to provide users with a very realistic and accurate [[VR]] e The latest version of HTC Vive prototype controllers operates completely wirelessly, have no problems dealing with [
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  • ...AR glasses]] are designed for enterprise users, not average consumers. The prototype was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016 and scheduled ...ore than 80 employees. R-7 Smartglasses was announced on June 9, 2015, the prototype was revealed in January 2016, it is scheduled to ship in Q2 2016.<ref name=
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  • ...esigned to be the [[Input Devices|input device]] for Samsung’s mobile VR devices such as the [[Gear VR]]. Rink was revealed to the public during the Consume ...requires a tracking module that is placed on top of the [[Virtual Reality Devices|VR headset]]. The module houses sensors which communicate with the controll
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  • ...00cm) and weigh 165lbs (75kg). Not only should it be more compact than the prototype, but its durability should increase thanks to the use of aviation-grade alu [[Category:Devices]] [[Category:Input Devices]]
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  • The latest prototype of Manus VR is made from c, which is a hygienic sports fabric that is also [[Category:Devices]] [[Category:Input Devices]]
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  • ...r walking), and as such are not good candidates for advancement beyond the prototype stage <ref name=”2”></ref> <ref name=”4”> Steinicke, F., Bruder, G. ...tween real and virtual movements that make the body function as an [[Input Devices|input device]], provides users with a rich spatial-sensory feedback that re
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  • |image=[[File:Oculus Santa Cruz Prototype.jpg|400px]] |Subtype=Standalone Headset Prototype
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  •</ref>. Near-eye light field displays must independently render light rays ...E-LF prototype.png|thumb|Figure 2. NVIDIA’s near-eye light field display prototype (image: Lanman and Luebke, 2013)]]
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  • ...gnals Lenovo’s entry into the [[VR]] market. During the unveiling of the prototype precious little was revealed about the new [[VR headset]] which is still be The exact weight of the prototype that was shown at CES 2017 is not known, but Lenovo says the end product wh
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  • ...demo of Intel Alloy HMD headset, there are many unanswered questions. The prototype will become a fully functional product by the end of 2017 that much is clea [[Category:Devices]] [[Category:Virtual Reality Devices]] [[Category:Prototypes]]
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  • ...]] (VR) headsets for the [[Windows 10 VR]], and one of the first to have a prototype ready for testing. The [[VR Headsets|VR headset]] takes advantage of the [[ [[Category:Devices]] [[Category:Virtual Reality Devices]]
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