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  • ...ost, power consumption, computational power available, whether the tracked object is rigid or flexible, and whether the objects are well known of can change ...l to the multiple receivers will provide data about the orientation of the object relative to the transmitters.
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  • [[Occlusion]] happens when one object in a 3D space is blocking another object from view. In [[AR]], computer-generated objects are placed in a real scene ...itional tracking#Optical|optical-based tracking systems]] when objects are hidden from the tracking camera because they are behind other objects.
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  • ...home village by villagers scared of his magical abilities. He grew up in a hidden tower deep in the dark forests, never meeting another person, always fearfu <br />3. <strong>Object Collision:</strong> You can't phase through solid objects in VR, even thoug
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  • ...lustration]], [[Utilities]], [[Design and Illustration]], [[VR]], [[Hidden Object]], [[Fantasy]] ...rised and delighted on how much fun VR can be. Especially when they unlock hidden surprises within the world.<br />
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  • ...ave your daughter, you will explore all depths of the manor, searching for hidden clues and wield items to fight or escape the terror that surrounds you. Dev
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  • ...ernate History]], [[Local Co-Op]], [[Choose Your Own Adventure]], [[Hidden Object]] ...ory:Local Co-Op]] [[Category:Choose Your Own Adventure]] [[Category:Hidden Object]] [[Category:Windows]]
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