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Lenovo Windows Holographic HMD

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{{Device Infobox
|image=[[File:Lenovo Windows Holographic HMD.jpg|400px]]
|VR/AR=Virtual Reality
|Subtype= Tethered PC Headset
|Platform= Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality Platform
|Operating System=Microsoft Windows
|Display= 1440x1440-pixel OLED display
|Tracking=Inside-out Tracking
|Positional Tracking=Two Cameras
|Connectivity= HDMI and USB Connectors
|Price=under $400 (Headset)
Lenovo has introduced a prototype version of its first [[virtual reality headset]]. The announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas. The prototype is a tethered PC headset that is powered by Microsoft’s [[Windows Mixed Reality]] platform. The announcement signals Lenovo’s entry into the [[VR]] market. During the unveiling of the prototype precious little was revealed about the new [[VR headset]] which is still being developed.

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