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The OSVR HDK2 Kit doesn’t come with a controller. Users are free to use any suitable controller with the HDK2 kit. Most developers find the Razer Hydra controller a better choice.
===Faceplate Module===
*The OSVR HDK2 kit comes with an IR camera
*The Infrared camera operates at 100 Hz
*The v1.4 infrared faceplate provides positional tracking
*Some of the other variations included are the IR faceplate with Leap Motion. The Leap Motion tech is used to support natural interactions, like movement of hands
===Main board===
*The gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass are integrated into the sensor hub
*To use accessories an external USB 3.0 is provided
*Additionally, for internal expansion 2 USB 3.0 is present
*To add extra functionality the main board has been made re-programmable
*A dual display system with a resolution of 2160 x 1200 has been added
*The OLED silver screen is low persistence, has a ppi of 441, and runs at 90 fps
*To reduce the screendoor effect OSVR HDK2 has used Image Quality Enhancement technology
*Ultra-sharp image display is guaranteed with the high performing dual lens system
*HDK2 has a large eye-box to make the headset more comfortable
*OSVR ensures faster rendering with color corrected images and low geometric distortion
*To cater to the needs of the majority of the users HDK2 uses diopters that cover adjustments from +4.5 to -2
===HMD Mechanical Module===
*The design focuses on comfort and ease of use
*Nose bridge with rubber nose inserts, extra padding to reduce pressure on the cheekbone, and bamboo charcoal micro-fiber foam layer makes the headset very comfortable
===Belt Box Module ===
*Comes with signal boosters
*Surround sound audio codec has been incorporated into the system
*Extra USB ports

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