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Passengers: Awakening VR Experience

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|image=[[file:passengers awakening vr experience1.jpg|350px]]
|Developer=[[MPC VR]]
|Publisher=[[Sony Pictures Virtual Reality]]
|Platform=[[SteamVR]], [[Oculus Rift (Platform)]]
|Device=[[HTC Vive]], [[Oculus Rift]]
|Operating System=[[Windows]]
|Type=[[Full Game]]
|Genre=[[Adventure]], [[Casual]], [[Strategy]], [[VR]]
|Input Device=[[Tracked Motion Controllers]]
|Play Area=[[Seated]], [[Standing]]
|Game Mode=[[Single Player]]
|Comfort Level=
|Release Date=Mar 14, 2017
|App Store=[[Steam]]
|Infobox Updated=04/18/2017
[[Passengers: Awakening VR Experience]] is a [[VR App]].
Awaken on the Starship Avalon as it hurtles past Mars towards the Homestead Colony. You quickly realize that there are critical malfunctions onboard and fellow passenger Jim Preston needs your help to fix them. You'll master the Polaris Multi-Tool to solve a series of puzzles while navigating the many rooms of the luxury spaceship. Every moment counts as you race to save the other 5,000 sleeping passengers and join Jim in a climactic spacewalk on the outside hull of the ship.

Based on the 2016 Film, Passengers Awakening is a 20 + minute, multi-room, real-time interactive puzzle adventure that places you inside of the recreated environment of the Starship Avalon based directly on the Academy Award® nominated production design of the film.

© Sony Pictures Entertainment. All Rights Reserved

Academy Award® is the registered trademark and service mark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.


==System Requirements==
*OS: Windows 8 or higher
*Processor: Intel Core i5 or higher
*Memory: 8 GB RAM
*Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 or greater
*Storage: 8 GB available space
==Setup Instructions==

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