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Lenovo Windows Holographic HMD

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During the event, Lenovo’s representative had hinted the use of Xbox One Controller as the standard input device for the HMD gadget. Lenovo has made it very clear that they are not currently working on a new controller for the headset. The functional VR headset will have Xbox One Controller or any controller that works on Windows Holographic Specifications.
Position tracking in this headset is done by the two cameras on the front of the main unit of the Lenovo VR headset. These forward facing cameras use the inside-out sensors to deliver the six-degree motion tracking. The six-[[6DOF|six-degree of freedom]] feature places the yet-to-be-released Lenovo VR headset in the high-end gadget category. Now, there is no need to prep the room where the virtual reality device would be used.
Lenovo pleasantly surprised the audience by revealing its intention to cap the cost of the VR headset under $400. The final list of features and specifications are not clear yet, so it would be difficult to predict the exact cost of a working Lenovo VR headset. Lenovo has revealed that the team is doing their best to keep the cost close to the $300 mark.

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