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Thick Air

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|Platform=[[SteamVR]], [[Oculus Rift (Platform)]]
|Device=[[HTC Vive]], [[Oculus Rift CV1]]
|Operating System=[[Windows]]
|Type=[[Full Game]]
|Genre=[[Racing]], [[Early Access]], [[Early Access]], [[VR]], [[Great Soundtrack]], [[Post-apocalyptic]], [[Atmospheric]], [[6DOF]], [[Split Screen]], [[Flight]], [[Indie]], [[Simulation]], [[Sci-fi]], [[Physics]], [[Difficult]]
|Input Device=[[Gamepad]], [[Keyboard / Mouse]]
|Play Area=[[Seated]], [[Standing]]
|Game Mode=[[Single Player]], [[Shared/Split Screen]]
|Comfort Level=
|Language=[[English]], [[Russian]]
|Release Date=September Sep 15, 2016|Price=$N9.99
|App Store=[[Steam]]
|Infobox Updated=0910/1520/2016
[[Thick Air]] is a [[VR App]].
*HOTAS joystick support
*Community-introduced features - we're listening to your every word!
*[[Shared/Split Screen]]
*[[Full controller support]]
*[[Steam Cloud]]
==System Requirements==
*OS: Windows 87 x64
*Processor: Intel i5
*Memory: 4 GB RAM
*Storage: 5 GB available space
*OS: Windows 10x64
*Processor: Intel i7
*Memory: 8 GB RAM
*Storage: 5 GB available space
==Setup Instructions==
The VR mode for this game requires the use of a gamepad or a keyboard and mouse.
==Images and Videos==
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