Pico G2

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Pico G2
Pico g21.jpeg
VR/AR Virtual Reality
Type Head-mounted display
Subtype Integrated HMD
Platform Pico Digital Platform, Viveport
Developer Pico VR
Predecessor Pico Goblin
Successor Pico G2 4K
Display 3K LCD, blue ray reduction
Resolution 2880 x 1600
Refresh Rate 90Hz, 615 ppi
Field of View 101 degrees
Tracking 3DOF
Camera monocular RGB on front
Input 1 3DOF Controller
Connectivity N/A
Weight 268g(w/o Band)
Release Date July 31, 2018
Website https://www.pico-interactive.com/us/G2.html


Pico G2, part of the Pico VR, stands for Pico Goblin 2, the successor to the original Pico Goblin. This device improved upon the Goblin in multiple ways:

  • 40% lighter [1]
  • 25% better display [1]
  • additional trigger button on single, 3DOF controller [2]

Pico Interactive's focus is on enterprise-grade VR headsets, and the G2 is no different. This headset was first made available to companies in China. [3]

The Pico G2 is the first in a line of G2 headsets:

For a spec comparison of these three headsets, visit https://www.pico-interactive.com/us/G2.html.

Release and Pricing

On July 31, 2018, Pico announced their G2 line which started shipping in September 2018. [2]


  • CPU = Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • RAM = 4GB
  • Storage = 32GB
  • Added Storage = Micro-SD up to 256GB

[3] [1]

The headset is counter-weighted by the battery on the back. [2]

Setup Tutorial

You can set up the Pico G2 without an account, but will need one to download or purchase content from the Pico Store. [4]

The headset comes with Kiosk mode, which enables you to launch a specific application upon start-up. This may make onboarding easier within an enterprise context. [1][4]

Input Devices

Each headset comes with one, 3 degrees-of-freedom controller similar to Oculus Go or Daydream View.[3]

With Pico G2, you can also choose to control the headset by looking, instead of the controller. [4]



For the G2, Pico partnered with HTC Vive to offer more content. Through Viveport, users can interact with more apps than available on the Pico Store. [1]



Visit Pico’s developer documentation which includes information on Unity and Unreal SDKs. [4]

Pico partnered with HTC Vive to expand developer resources. Through the Vive Wave VR Open Platform, Pico G2 users can develop applications.[1]

The Pico G2 runs on open Andriod 6.0.[4]



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