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Oculus Rift Adjustment Guide - How to Increase Focus While Minimizing God Rays and Nose Gap

Follow the procedure below to set your initial fit on the Rift - it makes a huge difference in clarity:

  1. Unstrap the top and side straps and loosen them most of the way or (better) leave them un-velcroed.
  2. Put the back of the strap really low on your head, so the base of the triangle is just above the top of your neck.
  3. Pull forward on the HMD so the top and side straps slip out, then place it low on your forehead -- just above the eyebrows. You'll have a huge nose gap - that's OK.
  4. Tighten the velcro top strap so it's firm (but not tight) against your forehead.
  5. Grab the sides of the HMD and tilt the base of the HMD towards your face, so it pivots on the point it's attached to your forehead. You'll feel little clicks, or friction points, as it adjusts (Edit: most Rifts apparently rotate smoothly). This closes the nose gap.
  6. Tighten the side straps and velcro lock them.
  7. Look at text (the health and safety warning is a good test) and do slight adjustments up/down on your forehead until the text is as crisp as possible.
  8. Double check your IPD settings as the new fit may lead to small IPD adjustments being needed.

The resulting fit should place almost all of the weight on your forehead, with very little on your cheeks or nose. You won't get indentations after wearing it ("O face"), and the nose gap will be very small (you can actually get rid of it depending on face shape).

This all puts your eyes right in the sweet spot, which is not the exact center of the lens. God rays almost disappear, text will be crisper, and you'll have less light bleed from the nose gap.

When you take off the HMD, don't remove any straps. Just pull out on the front HMD and lift up, rocking it back over your head. To put it on next time, just stick the triangle in the back way low on your head (over the knob at the base of your skull if you have one), and stretch the front HMD part out then pull it down and put it on your forehead. Look at text to make tiny adjustments for focus.

Many people put the back strap far too high. This includes you, if your top strap is cinched up so you can't see any of the "loop" velcro.

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