KKCOBVR K2 Cooling Fan Face Cover with Leather Pad

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KKCOBVR K2 Cooling Fan Face Cover with Leather Pad
KKCOBVR K2 Cooling Fan Face Cover with Leather Comfortable Interface Pad Compatible with Quest 2 Accessories image1.jpg
Dimensions 7.01 x 5.47 x 3.94 inches; 8.78 Ounces
Manufacturer kkcobvr
Platform Meta Quest 2, Meta
Release Date March 27, 2022
Sizes K2 Fan with Cotton Face Pad, K2 Fan with Leather Face Pad
Weight 8.8 ounces
KKCOBVR K2 Cooling Fan Face Cover with Leather Pad is a Product.

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General Information

The KKCOBVR K2 Cooling Fan Face Cover is a unique accessory designed for the Meta Quest 2 platform. It is designed to relieve lens fogging and replace the Quest 2 facial cover cushion, enhancing the overall virtual reality experience. The product is available in two sizes: K2 Fan with Cotton Face Pad and K2 Fan with Leather Face Pad.

Product Features

  • Build-in defogging fan with two mode adjustments
  • Reduces face pressure by dispersing it to the forehead
  • Comfortable leather face pad with Velcro design for easy removal and cleaning
  • Ergonomic nose pads to prevent light leakage
  • Increased space to accommodate myopia glasses without reducing Field of View (FOV)

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Consensus Review

The KKCOBVR K2 Cooling Fan Face Cover has received mixed reviews from users. Many users have praised the product for its ability to reduce lens fogging and face pressure, making the VR experience more comfortable. The built-in defogging fan, which has two mode adjustments, has been particularly appreciated for its effectiveness in removing mist and preventing dry eyes.

However, some users have raised concerns about the fan's noise level, stating that it is noticeable and requires them to increase the volume of their games or movies. The battery life of the fan has also been criticized, with some users noting that it does not last as long as they would like, especially during extended play sessions.

The product's comfort has been widely praised, with users noting that the leather face pad is soft and comfortable. However, some users have reported that the product moves their eyes further away from the Oculus lenses, which they found uncomfortable.

Despite these criticisms, many users have stated that the product is a valuable addition to their VR kit and that they would recommend it to others. They have particularly praised the product's ability to keep them cool during play and prevent their lenses from fogging up.

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  • Effective defogging fan
  • Reduces face pressure
  • Comfortable leather face pad
  • Prevents light leakage
  • Accommodates myopia glasses

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  • Noticeable fan noise
  • Short battery life
  • Moves eyes further from Oculus lenses

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