Hibloks Extension Grips for Meta Quest 2

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Hibloks Extension Grips for Meta Quest 2
Hibloks Extension Grips for Meta-META Quest 2 Accessories image1.jpg
Brand RCstyle
Dimensions 12.76 x 3.23 x 1.89 inches
Included Components Grip, Controller
Manufacturer RCstyle
Operating System Oculus Quest
Platform Meta Quest 2, Meta
Release Date June 16, 2022
Weight 120 Grams
Hibloks Extension Grips for Meta Quest 2 is a Product.

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Hibloks Extension Grips for Oculus/META Quest 2 Accessories

The Hibloks Extension Grips for Oculus/META Quest 2 Accessories is a 3-in-1 extension handle designed for Quest 2 controllers. This accessory is particularly suitable for games such as Beat Saber, Gorilla Tag, and VR Pinpong. The product is available from the RCstyle Store.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: RCstyle
  • Color: White, Black
  • Included Components: Grip, Controller
  • Operating System: Oculus Quest
  • Item Weight: 120 Grams
  • Platform: Meta Quest 2, Meta
  • Package Dimensions: 12.76 x 3.23 x 1.89 inches
  • Country of Origin: China

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  • Special Battery Cover: The grips are designed specifically for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 controllers. The replacement for the battery cover makes it more sturdy than velcro, enhancing the gaming experience.
  • 20cm Extension Handle: Each controller adds a 20cm extended handle, providing a more realistic analog grip feeling.
  • Increase The Amount of Exercise: Each handle increases the weight by about 120g, promoting better exercise during gameplay.
  • 3-in-1 Handle: The product offers 3 modes to choose from: dual handle mode, long handle mode, combined mode, enhancing the VR game experience.

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Consensus Review

The Hibloks Extension Grips for Oculus/META Quest 2 Accessories have received mixed reviews from users. Many users have praised the quality of the extension grips, noting that they are solid, comfortable to hold, and enhance the gaming experience by allowing the controllers to be held like actual swords. Users have also appreciated the increased exercise they get from the added weight of the handles.

However, some users have reported experiencing elbow pain after extended use, suggesting that the grips may not be suitable for long gaming sessions. Some users have also found the installation process to be cumbersome, as it requires replacing the battery cover and removing the wrist straps. The need to unscrew and rescrew the battery cover every time the grips are used has been cited as a significant inconvenience.

A few users have also expressed disappointment with the light-up feature of the grips, describing it as unimpressive and unnecessary. The fact that the light is battery-operated and cannot be replaced or recharged has also been criticized.

Despite these criticisms, many users have reported improved scores in games like Beat Saber after using the extension grips, suggesting that they can enhance gameplay once users get used to them.

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  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Provides a more realistic analog grip feeling
  • Increases the amount of exercise during gameplay
  • Enhances the VR game experience

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  • May cause discomfort or pain after extended use
  • Installation process can be cumbersome
  • Light-up feature is unimpressive and unnecessary

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