Freedom Locomotion System

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Freedom Locomotion System
Type Standing, Room-scale
Required Devices Motion-tracked controllers
Description Collection of various standing and room-scale locomotion solutions with CAOTS as its fundation.
Freedom Locomotion System is a Locomotion Method.

Additional Information

  • CAOTS - Controller Assisted On The Spot - running-in-spot method that allows the user to walk, run and sprint in VR by performing the same movement in a spot in real life. Players use the touchpad on the controller to change the direction of movement in VR. Additionally, players can also swing their arms higher to move faster. CAOTS differentiates itself by having accurate representation of head movement in VR. It also allows the user to still use their hands to interact with objects while moving.
  • Dash Step - Press touchpad to move a short distance forward. Hold down the touchpad to move forward at a steady pace. Press the touchpad faster to move faster.
  • Blink Step - Press touchpad to teleport a short distance forward. It is for users who experience VR sickness from Dash Step.
  • Grab Turning - Allows the user to turn in VR without turning in real life by grabbing and turning the VR environment with the controller. This is very useful for front-facing VR systems such as Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.
  • Anti-Boundary Violation - When you try to walk through virtual walls, screen will darken and Chaperone boundaries appear. When you walk over virtual ledge, you will fall in VR.
  • Free Climbing - Procedural climbing system that doubles as a crawling system.

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