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visionOS (Extended Reality OS) is the operating system (OS) for the upcoming Apple MR headset. The current version of the name being used internally by Apple was reported on December 2022 in Bloomberg, by Mark Gurman. [1] [2] There is no information about if this will be the final name of the headset's OS. [3] Meta also seemed to have been interested in using visionOS has a name for its device's OS. [4]

Previous rumours suggested that the MR headset's OS was known as realityOS. [2] The change of name seems to better reflect the device's vision as a mixed reality (MR) headset, with the inclusion of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This XR (extended reality) capabilities will allow the user to both be completely immersed in a virtual environment or augment reality with an overlay of visual information over the real world. [2] [5]

The name visionOS appeared on patent applications filed in key markets worlwide [6] like the US, Europe, and Asia by Deep Dive LLC. [1] According to Gurman, this is a shell corporation that may be owned by Apple. [2] The practice of using a shell corporations to trademark products is a common practice of Apple. [3]

visionOS is said to include new versions of core apps like Messages, Maps, FaceTime and other apps [7] [8] Third parties will also be able to develop their games and apps using the operating system's software development kit. [2] [7]

The name change may be an indication that the announcement and release of Apple's MR headset could be in 2023. [3] While there are no official announcements, WWSC 2023 is being suggested as the possible event where the device wil be finally unveiled. [5]


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