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[[TPCAST]] - [https://www.roadtovr.com/tpcast-announces-wireless-adapter-oculus-rift-arriving-q4-2017/ ref 1]
[[TPCAST]] - [https://www.roadtovr.com/tpcast-announces-wireless-adapter-oculus-rift-arriving-q4-2017/ ref 1]
[[Pimax 8K]] - [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimax8kvr/pimax-the-worlds-first-8k-vr-headset ref 1]
[[Oculus Rift DK2]] Open Source - [https://developer.oculus.com/blog/open-source-release-of-rift-dk2/ ref 1]
[[Oculus Rift DK2]] Open Source - [https://developer.oculus.com/blog/open-source-release-of-rift-dk2/ ref 1]
[[Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset]] - [https://www.roadtovr.com/acer-windows-mixed-reality-vr-headset-review-ah101/ ref 1]

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Oculus Rift 360 Degrees and Room-scale Setup with 3 Sensors - official pdf, comparison, source 3 source 4, source 5

How to Become a VR Artist


TPCAST - ref 1

Oculus Rift DK2 Open Source - ref 1


Technical Terms

Artificial locomotion

360 Video


Pose prediction

VR UI/UX design - reference 1

Near-eye light field (NE-LF)

Light fields - reference 1, reference 2

VR audio - reference 1

High Dynamic Range

Point cloud

Fresnel lens

Mura correction - improves image sharpness, first employed in HTC Vive Pre

Ray tracing

Lenses in HMDs - reference 1

Deep learning

Myriad 2 / Vision processing unit - reference 1, reference 2, reference 3, reference 4

Lens Matched Shading - avoid rendering pixels that end up being discarded after the distortion process.

simulating weight in VR

FOVAS - Field of View Adaptive Streaming - developed by Pixvana

Ray tracing

Pixel density and retinal resolution - ref 1

Binocular overlap - ref 1

Focal Surface Display - ref 1

Stereo Shading Reprojection - ref 1

Other Terms

Various Virtual Reality Use Cases

Various Augmented Reality Use Cases

Ethical Issues in AR - ref 1

Enterprise AR]

Enterprise VR







Social VR

VR Addiction

Mental health problems and Insomnia caused by VR reference 1

Waking up in VR - reference 1


VR advertising - ref 1


Pimax 5K - ref 1

Daydream View (2017) - ref 1, ref 2 -

Google Pixel 2 / Google Pixel 2 XL - ref 1 - AR-ready and Daydream-ready

Oculus For Business - ref 1, ref 2

Oculus Santa Cruz 2 - Santa Cruz Controllers - ref 1 - High-end standalone HMD with 6DOF controllers. Controllers are tracked by sensors on HMD!

Oculus Go - ref 1 - Low-end standalone HMD similar to Mobile VR HMD with 3DOF controller

Mindride Airflow - ref - harness that simulates flying in VR

New Base Stations - reference 1, ref 2 - New Vive Base Stations

Sync Blinker - IR beacon within Base Stations for Lighthouse

FOCUS - 360 Camera by Link VR

Camera Array News

Qualcomm VRDK using Snapdragon 385 - reference 1, ref 2, ref 3 - VR Dev kit by Qualcomm with inside-out6, DOF tracking and eye tracking

rEvolve - Flip-visor head-mount accessory for the HTC Vive

HOLOSCOPE - reference 1 - AR HMD by RealView

EXOS - VR gloves with haptic feedback

VR Sense - reference 1 - VR Arcade cabinet for VR Dynasty Warriors with PSVR inside along with a motion-simulating seat, a scent function, a wind function, a thermal function, a touch function, and a mist function.

VR Mobile Crane Simulator - reference 1, reference 2 - VR Crane Simulator for Industrial training.

VR Touch - ref - Haptic wearable for the fingers.

LG VR Headset - ref 1

Surround 360 x6 / Surround 360 x24 - VR Cameras from Facebook

Asus HC102 aka Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset - ref 1, ref 2 - Windows 10 VR

DaystAR - ref 1 - Standalone AR HMD by Lenovo

AI coprocessor of Microsoft HoloLens 2 - ref 1 -

Google Glass Enterprise Edition - Google Glass 2.0

Upskill's EyeSight - ref 1 - enterprise video streaming technology for maintenance, inspection and repair tasks for Google Glass and smartphone.

Ubimax with Glass - ref 1 - real-time instructions with Google Glass for DHL

Glass with Augmedix - ref 1 - Healthcare with Google Glass

Strider VR - ref 1 - new approach to omnidirectional treadmill

Eye-Sync - portable concussion diagnosis tool.

Samsung Odyssey - ref 1 - VR HMD part of the Windows Mixed Reality series.

Updated PlayStation VR and PlayStation Move controllers - ref 1, ref 2 - not released


Snapchat AR Lenses

Bridge SDK - ref 1 - Logitek's SDK that allows the user to use a Vive Tracker to create and use a VR keyboard from a physical keyboard.

OpenXR - ref 1 - open standard for VR and AR apps and devices.

CloverVR - ref 1 - VR Editing Interface for Adobe Premiere Pro

NVDIA Holodeck - ref 1 - Photorealistic Collaborative Design in VR or Design lab of the future

Seurat - ref 1, ref 2 - Google's surface light-field technology that will bring great visuals to mobile VR.

Chrome VR - VR web browser by Google that supports WebVR

Oculus Avatars - Universal avatars for the Oculus (Platform)

Facebook 360 Capture SDK - integrate into VR apps so that you can capture and share your VR experiences through 360 photos and videos.

V (Dashboard) - reference 1 - a dashboard that pipes websites and mobile apps directly into any VR games or experiences.

Google VR - Google's VR platform. Consist of Cardboard for low-end and Daydream for high-end.

Destinations - Valve's free tool that allows anyone to create realistic VR worlds with Photogrammetry.

Camera Effects Platform - AR Studio - Frame Studio - Facebook's AR platform for camera

Vuforia - Qualcomm's AR SDK

Wikitude - AR SDK

Unity - game engine

VRTK - link 1, link 2 - Virtual Reality Toolkit for Unity

WalkinVR - ref 1 - driver that allows physically disabled to move around in VR for SteamVR.

Visual Positioning Service (VPS) - ref 1 - AR tracking that combines Tango with Google Maps

EditorVR - allows the user to create Unity experiences and games within VR.

Carte Blanche - allows the non-technical users to create experiences.

Unreal Engine - reference 1 - game engine

Unreal VR Editor -

Oculus SDK - SDK for Oculus Rift (Platform)

Oculus Mobile SDK

Oculus Audio SDK - reference 1

Ghostline - ref 1, ref 2 - analytics and visualization tool for VR

Faceshift - reference 1 - captures facial motion, acquired by Apple

Fabric Engine - game engine

Presenz - reference 1 - combines high fidelity visuals of pre-rendered CGI or the interactivity of real-time CGI

Pixvana - cloud-based VR Video capture, processing and delivery.

Leap Motion Interaction Engine - Intermediary between the user's input and the physics engine. Allows more intuitive control when interacting in VR.

VRED - 3D visualization and virtual prototyping software by Autodesk.

Orion - Leap Motion's third software stack for finger tracking.

Iray VR - photorealistic rendering for VR by NVIDIA.

VRScore reference 1 - benchmark software for VR.

Stingray - game engine by Autodesk.

PresenZ - CGI-quality VR rendering software

VRidge - allows the user to play Rift and Vive games with Cardboard

The Lab Renderer - reference 1

Ansel - NVIDIA's screenshot tool that allows users to take 360 degrees, 3D images inside games.

VRWorks - update the page with information from source 1, add VRWorks Audio

IC.IDO - VR CAD Simulation by ESI Group

Vizor - easily create and publish VR content on the web

VLC - popular video player that supports 360 videos and VR HMDs.

The View - source - create VR Tours easily.

Phantom - AR OS

Decentraland - ref 1 - Peer-to-peer, blockchain-based metaverse

SteamVR Home - ref 1

Pixvana's SPIN Play SDK - enables playback and streaming of 360 degree / VR content, powers Steam's 360 Video Player

OpenVR Recorder - ref 1 - record OpenVR tracking data from headsets, motion controllers and Vive Trackers.



Doom VFR - VR game for the latest Doom game

Fallout 4 VR - VR version of Fallout 4, Native VR support for Fallout 4 with motion tracked controllers

Fragments - AR detective game for the HoloLens.

Arktika.1 - Sci-fi FPS game using Touch made by Studio that made Metro series. Touch exclusive

Robo Recall - Robo FPS game by Epic Games


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - VR mode is exclusive to PSVR

EVE: Valkyrie - multiplayer spaceship dogfighting game for Oculus Rift and PSVR

Kingspray Graffiti - Graffiti simulator in VR

The Unspoken - magic-casting PVP VR game built for Rift with Touch by Insomniac Games

Dead & Buried - gunslinging multiplayer FPS game by Oculus Studios for the Touch

Minecraft (HoloLens)

Scorched Battalion - turn-based artillery game (Oculus' Mobile VR Jam 2015 Silver Prize)

Dreams - PSVR game made by Media Molecule, creators of Little Big Planet.

Budget Cuts - refrence 1 - VR game for HTC Vive with stealth and portal elements

Cloudlands - reference 1 - VR minigolf

Lucky's Tale - reference 1 - VR platforming game that comes with every Rift

The Gallery: Call of the Starseed - adventure game for HTC Vive

Mars 2030 - reference 1 - Realistic Mars exploration game based by NASA

Eagle Flight - reference 1 - Flying VR game by Ubisoft

VR Sports Challenge - Play football, basketball, baseball and hockey in VR.

Edge of Nowhere - 3rd person action-adventure game by Insomniac Games.

I Expect You To Die

CasinoVR - gambling in VR

Golem - first-person adventure game for PSVR

Neos Core - multi-user, multi-device VR interaction and collaboration tool

How We Soar - VR fly game for PSVR

Island 359 - Dinosaur hunting VR game

Tethered - adorable strategy game, PSVR launch title

Statik - puzzle-mystery game for PSVR

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin - Psychonauts VR for PSVR

Obduction - spiritual successor to Myst with Oculus Rift support

Front Defense - HTC's first VR game, a World War II gallery shooter.

Project Arena - VR E-Sports for Vive and Touch by CCP

Tactera - VR real-time strategy game

Pollen - First person exploration VR game.

NewRetroArcade: Neon - multiplayer, room-scale arcade games for the Vive

Wilson's Heart - Twilight style psychological thriller for Touch.

Killing Floor: Incursion - VR version of popular undead FPS Killing Floor for Touch.

Serious Sam VR - VR version of Serious Sam FPS game for Vive and Rift.

Batman: Arkham VR - VR version of Batman Arkham for PSVR.

Farpoint - Sci-fi FPS game for PSVR.

Star Wars: X-Wing VR Mission - X-Wing VR game for PSVR.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - the entire Resident Evil 7 can be played in PSVR.

Here They Lie - horror game for PSVR

Ripcoil - PvP disc battle game for the Touch.

Bound - 3D Platformer for PSVR

Feral Rites - VR action brawler from Insomniac games

World War Toons - cartoonish World War FPS game for PSVR and Oculus Rift

Ice Lakes - VR fishing game

SwapBots - link - AR Toys

Lone Echo - Deep space adventure game for Touch by Ready at Dawn, Touch exclusive competitive multiplayer game

Project Cars 2 - realistic racing game with VR support

Chess Ultra - VR chess game for all 3 HMDs

Ark Park - VR spin-off of ARK: Survival Evolved

MARVEL Powers United VR

Space Junkies - Multiplayer Arcade shooter by Ubisoft for Oculus Rift

Other Apps


SteamVR Media Player - ref 1

CAE VimedixAR - ref 1, ref 2 - an ultrasound training simulator integrated with the Microsoft HoloLens

Theatre VR - multiplayer VR acting app

AR Stickers - ref 1 - built into Pixel phone's camera app, allows the placement of AR objects and animated characters into photos and videos.

Oculus Dash - ref 1 - Allows the use of Desktop apps in VR

Oculus Venues - Watch concert, sports and other events in VR with up to 1,000 people.

TRIPP - ref 1 - VR apps that improves mindfulness

Cambria AR - AP App that allows users to sample different surface materials for furnitures.

Gravity Sketch - 3D design tool in VR.

Oculus Parties - party up with friends and communicate in VR.

Oculus Rooms - private virtual space to spend time in VR.

YouTube VR - link - YouTube app for Daydream View

VRChat - Social VR

Blippar - link - AR Creation tool

AWE.media - link - 360 photo & video creator

Samsung Internet - browse the web in Gear VR

House of Languages - language learning in VR

NYT VR - New York Times VR app

EVEREST VR - Mt. Everest VR experience by Sólfar Studios

Unimersiv - VR educational apps

Quill - Oculus' professional VR paint tool

Blippar - Visual browsing AR app

Reactive Brush - VR Painting App with Reactive Grip combined with SteamVR Controllers that allow the user to feel feedback.

Oculus Cinema

holos - by turingVR - VR portal

Vive Home - HTC's VR portal

Loci - HoloLens mind mapping

SketchAR - Trace over AR images

Plevr - brings streaming service plex to VR with 3D and 360 video.

Pearl (2016) - first 360 Video to be nominated for Oscar.

Companies and Organizations

Dreamscape Immersive - ref 1, ref 2 - VR theme park / arcade similar to The Void

Surreal - ref 1 - Immersive VR Studio

Neuralink - ref 1 - Elon Musk's company to develop implantable brain–computer interface

Reality Caucus - ref 1 - United States Congressional Caucus on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Technologies

GVRA - site - Global Virtual Reality Association

VREAL - reference 1 - VR streaming technology company.

Apple - reference 1 - List the VR/AR acquisitions please.

IrisVR - VR for architecture

Envelop VR - Data visualization

Two Bit Circus - VR + Circus

HTC - manufacturer of HTC Vive

Valve Corporation - developer of SteamVR

Samsung - manufacturer of Gear VR

Body Labs - 3D body modeling

Echopixel - creator of True 3D, medical visualization software

EEVO - platform for VR films

Ximmerse - creator of various Input Devices

WakingApp - creator of ENTiTi, AR/VR cloud platform

WeLens - rent Gear VR

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) 's foveated rendering - reference 1 reference 2 reference 3 - 250Hz eye-tracking kit for HMDs.

Infinity AR - AR glasses

VisiSonics - 3D audio capture hardware company

Google DeepMind - Artificial Intelligence

ILMxLAB - Immersive entertainment such as Holo-theatre

Kaleidoscope VR - VR film festival tours around the world.

OBE Immersive - company that makes full body input device in the form of a jacket.

VRcade - out of home, wireless VR experience

VR Lens Lab - prescription lens for VR HMDs

Immersv - VR advertising platform

vrse.works - Production studio that build tools for VR filmmaking.

Vivid Vision ref 1, ref 2 - Use VR to treat lazy eye and crossed eye.

VRC - Virtual Reality Company - VR movie studio

KonceptVR - produces 360 video content for broadway shows.

Virtual Umbrella - Marketing for VR

Baobab Studios - VR filmmaking studio

STRIVR Labs - use VR for sports training

Nitero - wireless 60GHz, low latency video streaming solution for VR, Valve is interested in

HypeVR - films volumetric 3D 360 videos

VRsenal - VR Arcade with high-end controllers

Virtualitics - visualize big data in VR

WaveOptics - builds optics for AR



Rainbows End

Ready Player One



Black Mirror


Palmer Luckey - Co-founder of Oculus VR

John Carmack - CTO of Oculus VR


Kaleidoscope World Tour 2016 - Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival that showcases VR experiences to 10 cities in 9 countries.

Oculus Connect 2 Talks


Leap Motion 3D Jam 2015 - contest

VR World Congress 2016 - April 12th 2016 at the Marriott City Centre Hotel in Bristol, U.K.

SEA VR - based in Seattle, largest VR convention in northwest

VR FEST - takes place in Las Vegas, same time as CES.

VRS Conference - Virtual Reality Strategy Conference by Greenlight Insights

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