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Thanks for adding our company (OptoFidelity) information, that was very kind! We are very excited about our line of VR Performance solutions, we just shipped the first systems to customers. There is going to be more announcements soon! I will update information about those here in the XinReality ass well. -OptoVR-


Thank you for your kind words!

I'll be wandering around filling in pages on subjects I have some passing understanding when I can.


Thanks for all the info on your Wiki it has come in handy as reference to me on several occasions. I've added some info on the HTC Vive Pro here (based on the HTC Vive Page HTC Vive Pro but couldn't work out how to make it appear in the VR Devices list here Virtual Reality Devices as it's the first time to try to create a page or do any serious editing in MediaWiki.

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