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[[Ricoh R]] - 360 Camera that can live stream in 360 degrees for 24 hours straight.
[[Ricoh R]] - 360 Camera that can live stream in 360 degrees for 24 hours straight.
[[Pimax 8k]] - 8k resolution, 200 degree FOV HMD
[[Samsung Gear VR (2017)]] - 2017 version of Samsung Gear VR
[[Samsung Gear VR (2017)]] - 2017 version of Samsung Gear VR
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[[Acer's Windows 10 Headset]] - [https://www.engadget.com/2017/04/12/acer-microsoft-vr-mixed-reality/ ref 1]
[[Pimax 8K]] - [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimax8kvr/pimax-the-worlds-first-8k-vr-headset ref 1]
[[Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset]] - [https://www.roadtovr.com/acer-windows-mixed-reality-vr-headset-review-ah101/ ref 1]
[[Windows 10 VR]]
[[Windows 10 VR]]

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Oculus Rift Earphones - earbuds that can replace the removable headphones that come with the Rift.

Ricoh Theta SC - link - mid-range 360 Camera by Ricoh

Ricoh R - 360 Camera that can live stream in 360 degrees for 24 hours straight.

Samsung Gear VR (2017) - 2017 version of Samsung Gear VR

AMBEO VR Mic - reference 1 - VR Microphone by Sennheiser

Flying Eye by 360 Designs - ref 1 - 360 Camera designed to record from a drone.

KwikVR - link - wireless kit that allows for untethered VR for $300.

Surround 360 - reference 1 - VR Camera and stitching pipeline by Facebook

Bridge - reference 1, reference 2 - VR and AR Slide-on HMD

Vive Tracker - reference 1, reference 2 - allows developers to create Input Devices for HTC Vive with the Lighthouse tracking system.

VRGE - charging dock for VR hardware

Hubblo VR - 4k resolution, 360 degrees, 3D Camera that costs about $1000.

PlayStation Move

Pico Neo CV - fully untethered, positionally tracked HMD.

Intel Project Alloy - reference 1 reference 2 - Intel's standalone prototype VR HMD.

Lenovo Windows Mixed Reality HMD - reference 1

Mi VR Play - Xiaomi

Arena Infinity - Striker VR



Tactai Touch

TPCAST wireless Vive kit ref 1 - Makes HTC Vive wireless.

Yi Halo - 8k x 8k VR Camera with seamless stitching in the Google Jump family


ARKit - ref 1, ref 2 ref 3 - Apple's AR framework that allows developers to create AR experiences on iOS devices.

ManoMotion - ref 1 - Hand Gesture input for ARKit

ARCore - ref 1 - Google's AR API that allows developers to create AP apps for Android devices.

GoPro Fusion - ref 1 - 360 Camera by GoPro

VRTrek - reference 1 - sensor device that tests the HMD. Used by Benchmark's VRScore

SteamVR Knuckles - reference 1, ref 2 - New SteamVR controllers for the HTC Vive.

Mi VR Play 2 - Xiaomi's $14 mobile HMD

Moto 360 - 360 Camera from Motorola Phone

HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset - ref 1

ZED mini - ref 1, ref 2 - depth and motion sensing camera that can be attached to the HMD to turn it into an AR headset!

React VR - javascript framework for building WebVR experiences


HP Z VR Backpack PC - ref 1 - HP's VR-ready Backpack PC that doubles as a desktop

ASUS ZenFone AR - smartphone that supports both Tango and Daydream.

AxonSuit - Full body tracking and tactile feedback by AxonVR

Taclim - VR shoes and gloves that tracks your movement and gives tactile feedback.

VRgluv - glove Input Device with haptic feedback for VR

Insta360 - 8K resolution, 360 degrees, VR camera

aGlass - ref 1 - $220 plug and play eye tracking module for HTC Vive

MSI Backpack PC - wearable PC that can be used for Discrete VR devices such as HTC Vive.

PlayStation Camera

Epson Moverio - smart glasses

ionVR - reference 1 - Cardboard-based slide-on HMD that aims to reduce latency with better

Movidius Myriad 2 - vision processing unit (VPU)

Lenovo Explorer aka Lenovo Windows Mixed Reality Headset - ref 1 - Windows 10 VR

Dell Visor aka Dell Windows Mixed Reality Headset - ref 1, ref 2 - Windows 10 VR


Avegant Glyph - some kind of HMD

Infinadeck - omnidirectional treadmill

Skywand - Aerial photography drone planning software that utilizes VR.

Gloveone - hand tracking input device with haptics.

Entrim 4D - Headphones that physically stimulate the inner ear to cause the user to believe that they are actually moving. Developed by Samsung's C-Labs.


Pollen - First person space exploration game for Rift and Vive

The Climb - Oculus Rift-exclusive game by Crytek

Damaged Core - FPS game for the Oculus Rift CV1


Pimax 8K - ref 1

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset - ref 1

Windows 10 VR

Carmel - VR web browser by Oculus that supports WebVR

Snow Crash


Fairy Lights - reference 1 - tangible and responsive holograms


Facebook Spaces - Social VR from Facebook

OrbusVR - ref1 - VR MMORPG

Bandai Namco VR ZONE

The VOID - VR world on top of a physical theme park

Predictive tracking - ref 1


Oculus Medium

The Unspoken


Dragon Front

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