Tilt Brush

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Tilt Brush is a brand new VR “tool” from the guys and girl over at Google. That’s right, I said [[Google]] - because apparently they make games/tools now, but considering just how incredible this is as a whole, I definitely don’t see it as even a slight negative.
You could describe Tilt Brush as a 3D drawing environment that takes place exclusively in your own, personal VR universe. For someone who is willing to put the time and effort into learning a little more about Tilt Brush and what to expect when you go into it, you’re going to experiencing quite possibly one of the most rewarding and enjoyable VR experiences around right now.
The way Tilt Brush works is when you load up the game with your HTC Vive, you can choose a few locales, such as a snowy backdrop to go with whatever image it is you wish to draw. From there, you’re given a myriad of tools, paints, and all sorts of other little extras that can well and truly help you put some detail into your masterpiece. There are a varied amount of brushes that vary in both size and stroke type; meaning that you can switch from a straight line, similar to that of a pen or a pencil to a paint brush that leaves small, minute details at the end of every brush stroke.
Surprisingly, Tilt Brush manages to do one thing a lot of software and tools that are considered for “art” purposes fail to do a lot of the time, and that’s to be accessible to any and all users; regardless of their skill when it comes to drawing or art. Even on the very first time you play Tilt Brush, you can create a weird looking spider with about 24 different limbs, none of which are coherent with one another; yet you can still see the scope of this software in its entirety.
What fascinates me the most about Tilt Brush is being able to explore around your artwork, allowing you the chance to add depth and detail simply by walking around your room to locate the perfect position to make that minor addition that somehow makes it look exactly as you first envisioned it all.
It almost sounds too good to be true, but thankfully I can say with confidence that isn’t the case even in the slightest. With the good, however, does come the bad, and the main issue I’ve been finding with Tilt Brush so far is the lack of lighting and depth that comes with my creations. I’m going to be honest, I can barely draw a stickman on a sheet of A4 paper, but that doesn’t mean other people can’t do vastly better! If you spend a few minutes online looking up some of the incredible creations there are, they have the exact amount of depth you would want from them; with the exception of lighting and shadows. All you can really do to combat that problem is alternate between darker and lighter colours on certain sides of your creation to give the simulated display of shadows.
Tilt Brush is filled to the brim with incredible tools and it gives the user the ultimate experience of being able to live inside your own creation - no matter how big or small it is in stature or size. Unfortunately it can be a little difficult to get to grips with everything inside Tilt Brush and the lack of some elements of shading can really put a damper on some art projects. Overall, though, this right here is a title I am more than happy to have in my collection.

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