Thick Air

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<li>Physics-driven flight model, no BS! Get a gamepad handy.
<br></li><li>*Split-screen multiplayer - challenge your best friend, see how that friendship holds up.<br></li><li>*Brutal and unforgiving AI!<br></li><li>*Various race modes.<br></li><li>*Headbanging soundtrack!<br></li><li>*VR support (completely optional) - both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have been tested to work perfectly.
<li>Online multiplayer - coming soon!
<br></li><li>*Drone visual and (optional) performance damage<br></li><li>*Performance tuning<br></li><li>*Visual customization (paint it pink) and upgrades (put a spoiler on it)<br></li><li>*HOTAS joystick support<br></li><li>*Community-introduced features - we're listening to your every word!

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