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Ricoh R
Ricoh R 360 Camera.jpg
Basic Info
Type Camera
Subtype Spherical, Live Streaming 360-degree Video Capture Camera
Developer Ricoh
Release Date 16 June 2017
Price $499
Storage 32 GB MicroSD Card (External)
Resolution 2K at 30 fps
Audio Integrated Monaural Microphone
Connectivity MicroUSB, Micro HDMI Type-D
Power 5 V/1.5 A or more USB AC adaptor
Weight 125 grams
Size 46 x 118 x 22.9 (in mm)

Ricoh R 360 Camera

Ricoh R Development Kit, the new spherical, live streaming 360-degree video capture camera developed by Ricoh was put on display for the first time at CES 2017 held in Las Vegas earlier this year. The company has started shipping the camera to pre-order customers and developers building applications for the product. The Ricoh R 360 Camera and development kit can be purchased for $499.

Introducing the Ricoh R Live Streaming 360-degree Camera

Ricoh R is basically the larger version of the hugely popular Ricoh Theta 360-degree Camera plus a few significant changes. The most significant addition is the capability of Ricoh R Camera to live stream 360- degree content for 24 hours on the trot. Although Ricoh R’s predecessor had the live streaming capability, the model was not designed for live streaming for long hours.

Ricoh R 360 Camera streams video content at 2K resolution; this isn’t the best output resolution, but enough to create a worthwhile virtual reality experience. The camera performance matches the standard set for fully spherical video streams. The Ricoh R system does real-time stitching of the recorded video and converts the footage to the Equirectangular Projection Format. There is no external software involved in the stitching process. The delicate task is carried inside the camera. The stitched video content is transmitted through the USB or HDMI. The system also allows storage of the content in a MicroSD card.

Ricoh R 360 Camera – Tests and Practical Applications

Ricoh has carried out several tests on the 24-hour live streaming system. For instance, the company used the Ricoh R 360 Camera in a school enrollment ceremony. Students used a virtual reality headset to follow and participate in the ceremony captured and live streamed using the Ricoh R system. The 360-degree camera has been used to stream live concerts, events, and also act as advanced Telepresence Systems. The company is exploring new and innovative uses for the Ricoh R 360 Camera every day.

A lot has been written about the difficulties of creating 360-degree content. But, the practical applications of a live streaming 360-degree camera are endless. To give a boost to the live streaming 360-degree content creation technology (which is still in its infancy), the makers are releasing the Ricoh R Development Kit. Ricoh sees huge growth potential for the live streaming full spherical technology. Their conclusion is based on the trajectory the virtual reality technology is taking and the outcome of several beta tests, conducted by the company, with the help of a diverse set of interest groups.

Ricoh R Software Development Kit

The development kit that is made available along with Ricoh R Camera is the most important addition to the product. Ricoh is giving third-party developers an opportunity to create new applications for the product to suit their requirements or integrate the live streaming 360-degree camera to their preexisting software or applications.

The Best Features of Ricoh R 360 Camera

  • The camera outputs spherical high-definition 2K videos at 30 fps (frames per second)
  • The video captured by the two fisheye lenses is stitched in real time using sophisticated stitching software inside the camera
  • The Ricoh R live streaming 360-degree camera can be operated with video settings using the USB
  • The stitched spherical full HD video can be recorded / stored on a MicroSD card
  • The stitched spherical full HD video can be output to USB or HDMI
  • The Ricoh R Camera comes with integrated monaural microphone
  • The Ricoh R camera is a compact tool that can be easily mounted on a tripod

Technical Specifications

External Dimensions 46 x 118 x 22.9 (in mm)
Weight 125 grams
Video Quality Full High-Definition 2K (1920 x 960), 30 fps, Equirectangular Projection Format
Output Connector MicroUSB, Micro HDMI Type-D
Audio Output Integrated monaural microphone
External Storage (Maximum) 32 GB MicroSD card
Video Format MP4
Recording Time Approx. 30 minutes (normal mode), approx. 60 minutes (extended mode)
Maximum Recording Size 4 GB
AC Adaptor 5 V/1.5 A or more USB AC adaptor
External Power Input Micro USB
Usable Temperature Range 0 to 40 degrees
Usable Temperature Range for Non-Stop Operation 0 to 30 degrees
Inside the Box Camera, 2 x USB cable, stand, carry case

Ricoh R 360 Camera – Chronology of Events

04 January 2017 – Ricoh announces the unveiling of Ricoh R Development Kit prototype at CES 2017 05 January 2017 – Ricoh exhibits the new live streaming 360-degree camera at CES 2017 20 February 2017 – Ricoh announces its decision to exhibit the prototype at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona 27 February 2017 – Ricoh exhibits the Ricoh R Camera at Mobile World Congress. The event was streamed live on YouTube 27 February 2017 – Pre-order of Ricoh R Development Kit begins 22 April 2017 – Ricoh R Development Kit Prototype exhibited at NAB Show 2017 01 June 2017 – Ricoh releases 5 application repositories on GitHub 16 June 2017 – Ricoh starts shipping the Ricoh R Development Kit to customers who pre-ordered the product