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PlayStation VR Aim
Basic Info
VR/AR Virtual Reality
Type Input Devices
Subtype Controller
Platform PlayStation VR
Website PlayStation VR Aim on CNET

Playstation VR Aim (PS VR Aim) is a new gun peripheral controller to be compatible with the Playstation VR headset. It is intended to make first-person shooters even more engaging and immersive in virtual reality. It was first announced after Sony’s E3 2016 keynote [1]. The design of the PS VR Aim is minimalistic, and the developer promises direct 1:1 movement tracking, meaning that wherever you point the controller, the in-game gun will respond accordingly [2]. It can be considered a successor of the Sony’s Sharpshooter, which was a gun peripheral that used the Playstation Move motion controller. The PS VR Aim will be far more accurate and with less delay between the actions of the player and the response in-game [3].

The new peripheral has the same controls as the standard PS4 Dualshock 4 controller, with two analogue sticks, four face buttons, two bumpers, two triggers, a D-pad, Share and Options buttons, and a final one that is mapped to the Dualshock’s touchpad button. The two trigger buttons are in different positions, allowing the controller to be handled like a gun. Also, the PS VR Aim is ambidextrous [4], and from initial reports there doesn’t seem to be any haptic feedback in it [5].

The gun-like controller was co-developed by indie studio Impulse Gear in collaboration with Sony, and it’s designed for use with the game Farpoint (exclusive to Playstation VR), developed by the studio mentioned above [2] [4] [6]. Farpoint is a Sci-fi FPS in which the player will be exploring a foreign planet filled with alien creatures [5].

According to Seth Luisi, the co-founder of Impulse Gear, “The PS VR Aim Controller offers the most realistic and precise way to control our game. With direct 1 to 1 tracking, you aim in Farpoint just as you would in real life. How you hold and where you point the controller are directly matched in the game. This allows you to do things in Farpoint that just are not possible in a standard FPS game. It also provides an unbelievable sense of presence in the virtual world [7].” The released date of the Playstation VR Aim and its price point haven’t been disclosed [1].

Supported Games


The Brookhaven Experiment

Arizona Sunshine


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