Perception Neuron

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Perception Neuron
Perception neuron1.jpg
Basic Info
Type Input Device
Subtype Body Tracking
Developer Noitom
Release Date May 4, 2015
Connectivity WiFi, USB
Sensors Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer

Perception Neuron is an adaptive Motion Capture device that allows the user to track the movement of his or her entire body. Developed by Beijing-based Noitom, Perception Neuron is consist of numerous Neurons, tiny 9-axis IMUs, connected to a larger Hub with USB port and WiFi for data transmission. Users wear multiple Neurons on their bodies to track their movements. The Hub collects the information from the Neurons and transmit them to an external source. Along with Virtual Reality, this affordable motion capture device has applications in indie video game development, film making, animation, research, education and more.

Kickstarter Campaign for Perception Neuron raised $571,908 from 1,329 backers in September 2014. It started shipping on May 4, 2015.


Neurons can be placed anywhere on your body to fit your tracking needs. The more Neurons equal more body coverage and more detail. Perception Neuron can handle 1 to 32 Neurons:

  • 10 Neurons and 1 Hub are needed to track your upper body or 1 of your hands.
  • 20 Neurons and 1 Hub are needed to track your full body or your upper body and both hands.
  • 30 Neurons and 1 Hub are needed to track your full body and both of your hands.


Neuron - each neuron is 12mm by 6mm and weighs 1 gram. It is a tiny 9 axis IMU consist of gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and on-board calculation and calibration.

Hub - larger rectangular platform called Hub is 23mm by 59mm. It aggregates data from Neurons and transmit it through USB port and WiFi.

Body Straps - body straps allow neurons to be worn on arms, chest, waist, legs and feet.

Glove - glove allows neurons to be worn on hands and fingers.


Perception Neuron SDK is available for Oculus Rift, Unity, Windows and Mac.

Axis Neuron

Axis Neuron is Perception Neuron's software to manage and calibrate its motion capture. It allows the user to live stream their motion captured data.