Oculus Remote

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Oculus Remote
Basic Info
Type Input Device
Subtype Clicker
Platform Oculus Rift (Platform)
Developer Oculus VR
Release Date March 28, 2016
Operating System Windows, Mac, Linux
Tracking None
Rotational Tracking None
Positional Tracking None
Sensors None
Input 3 Buttons

The Oculus Remote is a small input device for the Oculus Rift (figure 1). It was designed to improve the VR experience by making the navigation on it simpler and intuitive. It is a way to introduce and familiarize non-gamers – people who may not be familiar with gaming controls - to VR, providing users with the ability to easily browse the Oculus store, explore 360 video content in Oculus Video, or experience a variety of VR entertainment [1] [2]. The Oculus Remote has a black trackpad with back, home, plus, and minus buttons [1].

The device will ship with the Oculus Rift and it was first seen, in leaked renders, during 2015 [1]. According to Palmer Luckey, Oculus founder, the input peripheral will not include a gyroscope (i.e. not a motion-sensing controller), being “essentially the input set of Gear VR made into a remote. You are technically able to replace the battery, but the included battery life should last for about 4,000 hours of use [3]." It will be a good fit for apps that are ported across from GearVR to the Oculus Rift [4].

The overall Oculus Rift package includes not only the Oculus Remote but also a Xbox One controller, the headset with headphones and microphone, and the Oculus sensor (figure 2) [5]. The price of the bundle set is $599. Besides the two controllers mentioned, there will be Touch controllers. These have been delayed and will be released during the latter half of 2016 [3].

Oculus Remote Setup


The following instructions have been adapted from the official Oculus support website[6].

For a first time setup:

  • Pull the plastic tab out of the remote.
  • Press the select button (inner circle) at the top of the remote to turn it on.

(If the remote doesn't connect or you're having trouble pulling out the plastic tab, you may need to remove the battery to make sure the tab's not stuck.)

Removing a plastic tab that is stuck in the remote:

  • Hold the remote so the strap is pointing away from you.
  • Push your thumbs up to slide the battery cover off.
  • Hold the battery tab down, turn the remote over and lightly tap it against a hard surface (ex: table) until the battery comes out.


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