Type Input Device, Gesture Tracker
Subtype Hands/Fingers Tracking
Developer Thalmic Labs
Operating System Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
CPU ARM Cortex M4 Processor
Sensors EMG Sensors, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer
Connectivity Bluetooth LE
Power micro-USB, lithium ion battery
Weight 93g
Size 7.5 - 13 inches
Price $199

Myo is a gesture control armband developed by Thalmic Labs. The device consist of a band of 8 EMG muscle sensors and IMUs. When worn on a user's forearm, Myo detects the user's hand gestures and arm motion.

Currently Myo is used to issue input to your computer or smartphone with hand gestures. Users can download Myo apps and connectors to pre-existing programs such as PowerPoint, Neflix and VLC from the Myo Market.




Part Spec
Size Expendable between 7.5 - 13 inches (19 - 34 cm)
Weight 93 grams
Sensors Medical Grade Stainless Steel EMG sensors, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer
Processor ARM Cortex M4 Processor
LEDs Dual Indicator LEDs
Connectivity Bluetooth LE
Power micro-USB for charging, built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery