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Moto 360
Moto 360 Camera.png
Basic Info
Type 360-degree Camera
Subtype Add-on Camera Mod
Creator Motorola
Release Date August 2017
Price $299.99
Requires Moto Z Series Phones
Storage SD Card, Phone, Cloud Storage
Resolution 360-degree Ultra HD 4K resolution at 24fps
Field of View 360-degree spherical panorama
Optics Two 13MP render resolution
Audio Immersive 3D 4-channel sound
Power Motorola Phone
Weight 85 grams
Sensors Two 1/2.8-inch sensors

Moto 360 Camera is Motorola’s new accessory for its Moto Z Phones. The new camera module can shoot immersive videos at 4K resolution at 24fps and captures 3D audio with the help of 4 microphones that are packed inside the small module. The camera mod is priced at $299.99, and Motorola has released the camera along with the new Moto Z2 Force Edition Phone.


Like all add-on mods, the Moto 360 Camera uses a module support to attach itself to the Motorola phone. Once fastened, the camera adds weight and depth to the phone. The user won’t feel much of a difference because the camera weighs only a few ounces and adds just one-eighth of an inch to the phone’s depth.

The camera has two lenses, one facing the front and the other facing the back. Both lenses are placed behind slightly concave glasses and each lens can capture 150 degrees view around it. The Moto Z2 Force phone comes with a 13MP camera at 1/2.8 inches, for a pixel size of 1.25um. The Moto 360 Mod has two cameras with the same specification in it. The accessory has a lens aperture of f/2.0 and the sensors in the mod are quite good. Motorola has managed to pack the lenses, sensors, microphones, etc. into this tiny module, leaving no space for battery. Therefore, the camera has to draw power from the Motorola phone.

To use the Moto 360 Camera, a compatible phone is necessary. At the time of the announcement, the manufacturers made it clear that the 360-degree capture camera is compatible with all phones of the Moto Z Series.


The Moto 360 Camera captures both images and video. The camera shoots video at 4k (3840 x 1920 pixels) resolution at 24 frames per second. The captured footage is converted to an MP4 format with a bitrate of 50Mbps. One of the notable features that can help the Moto 360 Camera differentiate itself from others is the ability to capture immersive 3D Sound.

There are mixed reactions to the video recorded using the Moto 360 Camera. Objects that are close to the two lenses are sharp and clear, but objects that are at a distance, in the background, appear soft and slightly blurry. Furthermore, there seems to be a slight difference in lens exposure and misalignment. Some users have noticed seam lines in the video captured by the front lens. In this regard, the back lens seems to perform better. The Moto 360 Camera has a decent dynamic range and it has minor purple color fringing.

Features and Settings

Attaching the camera module to a Moto Z phone will automatically activate the camera app on the phone. The user will be given a guided tour of the various editing tools and modes built for the 360-degree camera. The Moto 360 Mod runs on the default camera app on the Moto Z phone, hence there is no need to download any special app. To switch between the default phone camera and the 360-degree camera, click the icon at the lower left corner of the display screen.

The Moto 360 Camera comes with three modes. The Photo Mode is a lot like the phone camera; point the camera mod and click the shutter icon to take a picture. In the Ultra-wide Mode, the mod uses just one lens to capture 180-degree photo image. The Professional Mode allows the user to adjust exposure compensation, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, etc. before shooting a 360-degree photo. When using a tripod, the timer feature will come handy. Steady the phone and camera on the tripod, set the timer, and let the module do the rest.

When operating the camera the user has the option to choose any of the three viewfinder modes. The Globe Mode offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding that the lenses see. The user also gets to zoom and swipe before focusing on a particular area to shoot. The second choice is the Split-screen Mode that presents two views, as taken by the two lenses, in separate panels. This mode doesn’t allow either swiping or zooming. The third viewfinder mode lets the user move the 360-degree panoramic view below the horizontal slider left or right.

The images or videos captured with the Moto 360 Camera Mod can be shared on social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. As of now, live streaming of content on Facebook Live is not possible. Users will have to wait for the next software update to use the live-stream feature.


  • Captures 360-degree videos, images, and audio
  • The camera shoots media at Ultra HD 4K resolution with immersive 3D sound
  • The Camera contains two 13 megapixel lenses
  • Each lens has an ultra wide-angle view of 150 degrees
  • Effortlessly share the captured video with friends or on social media from the Google Photos app
  • Live stream the captured media on your favorite social media channel
  • The 360-degree capture camera is compatible with all Moto Z Phones

Availability and Cost

Moto 360 Camera helps people convert their experiences into fond memories that they can share with others. The camera ensures every angle is captured, every time, without exception. The Moto 360 Camera is available for a price $299.99.


Part Spec
Weight 85g
Field of View (FOV) Spherical 360 degrees
Camera Lens Two 13MP render resolution
Video 360-degree Ultra HD 4K resolution at 24fps
Audio Immersive 3D 4-channel sound
Aperture f/2.0
Sensors Two 1/2.8-inch sensors
File Format Image: JPEC; Video: MPEG4
Storage SD Card, Phone, Cloud Storage
Notable Feature Video live-stream feature