Manus VR

Manus VR
Basic Info
Type Input Device
Subtype Hands/Fingers Tracking
Release Date Q3 2016
Price $250
Operating System Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac
Rotational Tracking accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
Connectivity Bluetooth, microUSB
Power Battery
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Manus VR is the first virtual reality glove Input Device created specifically for general consumers. The team behind it wants to bridge our physical world with virtual reality, and allow users to experience a never before seen immersion. The first developer edition of the glove should be available in Q3 2016 for $250.



Manus VR users an assortment of sensors to track hand movement in real time and use the captured data to faithfully reproduced the movement in virtual reality.

It operates completely wirelessly and comes with an open-source SDK that developers can use to integrate the hand-tracking functionality into their applications and games.


The latest prototype of Manus VR is made from c, which is a hygienic sports fabric that is also known as Spandex. It provides exceptional elasticity, while being more durable than many natural materials.[1]

The sensor module integrates an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer into a single unit, which is fixed on the top part of the glove. Recorded data are transmitted wirelessly using the latest low energy Bluetooth standard. This allows for 5-6 hours of battery life. The built-in battery supports fast charging technology for a quick recharge.

Technical Specifications


Developers can take advantage of the open-source SDK hosted on GitHub.


Manus VR has been demonstrated with a game called Surgeon Simulator. In this game, players perform a surgery on an alien in a virtual environment. The glove accurately captured player's movement, but the game clearly didn't support movement of individual fingers.[2]


Plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine and access to the SDK for Android, Windows 7+, Linux, iOS 9, Mac OSX



The development of Manus VR started in 2014, when the Netherlands-based startup failed to reach their Kickstarter campaign funding goal. The company managed to raise €700,000 from two Dutch investors, after they went through the High Tech XL startup bootcamp hardware accelerator program in November 2015. [3]

The Manus DK1 is currently up for pre-order on the official website of the company for €275. The Manus DK1 contains:[4]

  • One pair of Manus gloves (left and right)
  • 2x positional tracking bracelets
  • 2x Micro USB cable
  • Interface
  • SDK for Android, Windows 8+, Linux, iOS 9, Mac OSX
  • Plug-ins for Unity and Unreal
  • Manus VR demo game for each supported platform