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Leap Motion VR
Leap motion vr1.jpg
Type Input Device, Motion Tracker
Subtype Hands/Fingers Tracking
Operating System Windows, Mac
Requires HMD
Refresh Rate 115 Hz
Precision 0.01 mm
Field of View 135°
Camera 2 monochromatic Infrared cameras, 1.3 Megapixels
Sensors 3 IR LEDs
Input USB 3.0
Weight 45g
Size 76 x 13 x 13mm
Release Date July 22, 2013
Price $80, $20
Website https://www.leapmotion.com/
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Leap Motion is a gesture sensing controller that allows the user to interact with various devices with hand movements. Leap Motion device transforms into Leap Motion VR when it is attached to a Virtual Reality head-mounted display. Compatible with Oculus Rift, Leap Motion VR is mounted to the front of the HMD. The devices captures your hand's motion from the perspective of the headset, allowing you to interact with the immersive VR environment without physical interactions. Dragonfly is the new Leap Motion sensor in development. It is designed for VR and will have larger field view and capture HD colored imageries in addition to infrared.

Leap Motion was released on July 22, 2013 for 80 dollars and Leap Motion VR mount was released in 2014 for 20 dollars.


Leap Motion VR is able to track all 10 of your fingers independently with hundredth of a millimeter precision and very low latency.

When attached to a VR HMD, the Leap Motion is able to sense the physical environment in your view.

Its new sensor in development named Dragonfly will capture HD colored imageries in a large field of view. The device has the potential to merge the physical world into the realms of virtual reality.


The Leap Motion device is a rectangular camera that is 76mm x 13mm x 13mm in dimension. It is glassy black in front and silver on the back and sides. It has USB 3.0 port on the bottom.

Leap Motion uses infrared cameras to track your hands. The new sensor, Dragonfly, can capture HD colored images in addition to infrared.

It is mounted to the front and center of your VR HMD.


Leap Motion Interaction Engine -


Leap Motion App Store - Official App Store by Leap Motion


Leap Motion SDK


July 17, 2017 - Leap Motion Raises $50 Million in Series C Venture Funding lead by J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

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