Blade and Sorcery

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Blade and Sorcery
Blade and Sorcery1.jpg
VR/AR Virtual Reality
Developer WarpFrog
Publisher WarpFrog
Platform Oculus, Vive Port, SteamVR, Windows Mixed Reality
Device Oculus Rift, Rift S or Quest + Link, HTC - Vive, Vive Cosmos, Cosmos Elite, Vive Pro, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality
Operating System Windows 7-10, 64-bit
Type Game
Genre Indie, Fantasy, Swordplay, Action/Adventure, RPG, Simulation, Gore, Fighting
Input Device Tracking motion controllers
Play Area Standing, Room-Scale
Game Mode Single player
Language English (US)
Rating 17+
Review Overwhelmingly Positive (Steam)
Release Date December, 11, 2018 (Steam, Early Access), official launch slated for Q4 2021
Price $19.99 (Early Access)
App Store Steam, Oculus, Vive Port
Infobox Updated May 31, 2021

Blade and Sorcery is a VR app.


Blade & Sorcery is an open-combat, physics-driven VR game set in a fantastical, medieval world. Fight with magic or swords in a sandbox environment intended to be limited not by mechanics, but by the player's imagination.[1] As of May 2021, the game had no plot, but a very rich setting with a variety of enemies and high levels of gore and violence.[2]

The full version was meant to be released 6 months after initial, early access. However, the developer, WarpFrog, decided to push release back by years to accommodate user feedback. [1]

In earlier versions, the game focused mainly on melee, but with the Sorcery Update, magic became a larger mechanic in the game.[2] There is an anticipated Dungeons update with an undetermined release date.


  • Combat sandbox
  • Physic-based engine
  • Weight simulation
  • Magic - slow time, telekinesis, lightning and more
  • Climbing
  • Full body tracking / Mixed reality - LIV and trackers support
  • Active development - public roadmap with new features and contents coming regularly
  • Advanced modding



With Update 5 that introduced decapitation among other things in April 2019, a reporter at UploadVR, Jamie Feltham, wrote "If there was any doubt as to if Blade and Sorcery was VR’s bloodiest game yet it’s surely done away with this update."[4]

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1070


Images and Videos


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